Juliana Kanyomozi abused by her ‘loyal’ fans, she talked of Ambition Mission


by Elijah Mutabuza Ssalongo


Much has been talked about this group Ambition Mission how it empowers the youth, how it is determined to bring a difference in the youths but above all, there is word that has made rounds about there ‘major’ cause, that it is a group of the ILLUMINATI that they are devil agents.

Precisely, Ambition mission is all about daring to dream. they believe that within all young people is greatness and they inspire and help you fulfill your potential and achieve your goals.

So today at mid day, song bird Juliana Kanyomozi came out on her facebook page and cleared the air about the so called Illuminati Ambition Mission, but what shocked us, is not the message she passed on, it is the way her fans reacted it is horrible!! it is our first time to see Juliana being abused by her own fans..

she had this to say


”In response to articles appearing in mainstream media and rumors being spread on social media regarding Ambition Mission’s activities, we would like to state that none of that information is accurate.

In fact, Ambition Mission is a community of young people from across Uganda who are united in their desire to achieve their personal ambitions in life. Ambition Mission supports and inspires them to achieve their dreams through things like our weekly radio show, regular magazine and inspiring Facebook page, which has over 100,000 fans.

Ambition Mission is focused on supporting young people to stay in the right path to their goals. Competitions like Rising Stars gives motivated, ambitious young people the opportunity to be recognized for their ambitions and meet celebrity role models.

For Ambition Mission’s community, our way of showing that we are on the right path is that we all reject tobacco. Saying no to tobacco shows that we are focused on our goals, we believe in ourselves and we respect ourselves. That’s why we say We Are Ambition, We Are Not Tobacco.

For young people committed to achieving their dreams, Ambition Mission is the first step towards making them a reality – it inspires them to get there.

This is the message that we are sharing with the young people who pledge to achieve their dreams because we know that these are the leaders of tomorrow and change starts with them.

Therefore, any accusation of association between Ambition Mission and illuminati or a hub for nurturing homosexuals is baseless and malicious. The authors of these rumors appear to be bent on derailing the objectives of Ambition Mission’s activities.

We request that the authors of these rumors cross check their information against Ambition Mission’s objectives so as to disseminate the right information.

We are committed to making a difference in Uganda by empowering the younger generation to take their destiny into their hands”

This sparked off abuses as some of her fans were quoted sayin,

”Juliana, wat yo saying about your so called ambition mission is real rubbish and should not b taken true. Those who are in your group are real smokers, .how d u tell us that yo against smoking wen your heads smoke weed?? Mun G. Irene Ntale…….. .I was wondering why mun G is marketing idroid phones thru yo ambition mission. That’s an American company. Yo funders to promote homosexuality, lesbianism…. Among more weird acts. Ugandans, say no to ambition mission”

Embwa zesibye ku tobacco. Nze ndaba abalwanyisa Tobacco mwe musiinga n’okumukozesa nga muli ku back stage. Munoonye ekirala kyemuba mwesibako but not tobacco, why is ambition mission don’t fight EBISIYAGGA rather than fighting tobacco? Awo ILLUMINATI team ebusudde kuba tubabuuse… Ate Juliana olabika wasaddaaka katabaniko ka Keron, oli awo owoza Tobacco”

Say no to tobacco, nonsense, is tobacco the biggest problem for young people, come out and give clear objectives, and what will young people learn from u, are u artists role models really? Hw do u help them out, how apart from talent/ sponsorship wd u have made success, God is here, you won’t ruin the lives of youth.

Currently Juliana is still silent in case any advancements we shall keep you posted