By Lubz Kenny

Celebrated radio presenter Kasuku of Dembe FM yesterday 8th August 2015 fooled the Ugandan internet when he posted a pix of a Photoshopped deportation letter allegedly handed to singer Rema Namakula by the U.S.A authorities, true to our expectations like we posted yesterday when we said we weren’t thinking someone actually came up with the letter to tarnish her name and yes it was kasuku claims to have posted the letter to get to know of vulture websites n bloggers that jump onto any news that comes up on any layman’s page , this isn’t the first time Kasuku is complaining about vulture bloggers and journalists that prey on his info without giving credit he says these people lack information and are on pressure to deliver from their fans. Now question is, is Kasuku trying to cover for his failed Photoshop stunt against Rema or he actually intended shame the vultures ?