Kenyan Dj Crème de la Crème blames promoter for his arrest in US


Months after his controversial sex tape leaked, top Kenyan DJ George Njuguna aka Crème de la Crème is back in the limelight with yet another saga. This time it was not about a leaked intimate clip but his brush with American authorities. News about his apparent deportation from the United States where he was scheduled for a series of shows spread on social media leaving many of his U.S. based fans disappointed. The renowned DJ was held in custody awaiting his deportation back home on an Air Emirates flight.

Reason? Immigration busted him as he tried to enter the country without proper documentation. According to reports, the DJ had applied for a tourist Visa to “celebrate the memorial weekend with friends in Dallas and later visit some historical sites like the White House,” according to a WhatsApp conversation that we obtained between him and his host. However, this was not to be as their scheduled plan was intercepted as soon as he landed.

“It’s true I travelled to the States but I couldn’t gain admission because my papers had discrepancies, “he admits.

Crème is said to have received an invite from an American based Kenyan promoter popularly known as Tall under Genge Entertainment. He reveals that he was to tour a number of states including Dallas, Atlanta and Minneapolis.

“I left Kenya on the evening of Tuesday May 24 aboard an Emirates Boeing with a brief stop in Dubai. All was just as planned and I was really excited about my first U.S trip,” he revealed. He adds that it was a smooth flight where he spent most of his time interacting with his diaspora based fans most of whom couldn’t wait to attend his gigs. However, upon landing, the situation took a different turn.

“I was stunned when a uniformed cop at the Immigration desk called me aside using my stage name,” he says.