By E!NewsUG team

In case you didn’t know, Ray J and Princess Love are engaged to jump the broom! The reality TV couple kept the news super low key and have now started to release photos of the special moment that Princess said “yes!”.

Ray J “stalled” his girlfriend Princess on the airport tarmac before the former playboy got down on bended knee and popped the question in front of their private jet. “All I could think was, Oh my god, is this really happening?” said Princess.

“I was in shock,” gushed Princess of the surprise proposal. “He was nervous; it was so cute.”

“She is the most important person to me,” said Ray J of his future bride.

Ray J, 35, surprised Princess a second time by having their loved ones, including his sister Brandy, on-hand to celebrate the engagement.

Everyone was thrilled for the newly engaged couple, though, at first, Ray J wasn’t “100 percent confident” Princess would accept his proposal.
Looks like Ray J is lucky Princess was down for his cause, it could have been REAL awkward if she said no then they had to get back on the plane together.