King Kong reveals more about life after his accident


By staff writer

Comedian MC King kong who held a comedy concert ‘The return of the expendable’ last on Friday, cracked jokes and at one point he joked about his accident as quoted “When i got the accident,doctors told that most of my body parts had grown bigger especially from the waist downwards and i thank God for that”. However,King kong shared a touching story about how he lost one of his children although he doesn’t regret it,’i almost joined him but God just changed his mind and told me to come back on earth‘ he narrated .

 King Kong revealed more about his life after the accident as quoted;” I haven’t lost my dance moves hence i will still dance for my fans, i want to thank the headmaster who has allowed my children to study for free this year and also my landlord for giving me two months grace period. I want to thank whoever helped me in that trying time”.