Kuseim and kulchan {duo} ft levixino release “level Remix”


By Nsiiro Jacob

Whether looking at pop music, hip-hop or R&B, it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t been touched or affected by the power and soul of gospel music. Kuseim and kulchan currently building a strong foundation in the music industry to be specific Gospel genre. Part of their current project is ‘Level’ remix featuring levixino, this is what the artists had to say about the new banger “Yeah its our New Song RAGGA DANCEHALL SONG,In this New Sweet ragga song We testify of the Good Great things we have witnessed God do in both our lives ( kuseim’s , kulchah’s and levixone’s life) and other person. #levelremix kulchah’s verse i talk of the healing part where God has made the lame walk ,the blind to see and these miracles happen by God’s hand and i still i come in the same and say to those that haven’t received his touch ,please do not loose hope ,if he (God) has done it for the Others just know, hold strong he has not forgotten you, God is ready to change your story just hold on a little more. All the good comes from him just know his the same yesterday, today and Tomorrow,Have faith”

The same in levixones verse, “He talks of the Good deeds God has done in both his life, family and the people of kosovo ,the town he loves most , and that’s where he grew up from”. He says his so appreciative to God that through his talent God has blessed his kosovo project , it’s a big project that a few people in this country Uganda with kind hearts have done but its all God’s doing so if bwaana praise hard.People talk that about Gospel music ‘temuli mugaati’ check these projects we do like feeding kosovo and many more project, so these are the Big reasons why we Love Jesus and decided to get to studio Talk about the love of God , the great deeds he has done for his people like miracles and still in this song we tell you that hold strong unto him he not done and started yet, God is ready to change you life story into a tourist attraction for your country to benefit Dont joke around with God things my friend . Where there is kuchah put in the story (kuseim an kulchah) and that’s the story behind Level Remix so pray that it blesses you, brings you hope and much learn something from it, i pray that people listen more to the words in this song before dancing .