Leah Kalangula leading in the World Next Top Model Race


By EnewsUG team

Leah Kalanguka who is a former Miss Uganda in 2014 is currently the most voted for contestant at the World Next Top Model 2016 pageant with over 3000 votes. Leah is currently in Lebanon for the World Next Top Model pageant along with other International contestants, is doing well so far in her quest to land the €5000 crown.

Joram Model Management, Miss Tourism, Miss Uganda, Crystal Models, Fashion Society of Uganda, Photo for Fashion, and others are among the many brands pushing the campaign. The campaign is paying off and as of late it has drastically pushed Kalanguka from third in the past two days to the top. Renata Hranova, Kalanguka’s manager said that if Uganda keeps voting for her it will get her closer to winning the grand prize.

To Vote for Leah Kalangula click here http://www.pageantvote.net/pageants/668