Leila Kayondo Celebrates birthday in agony and tears.


By our writer

Its so sad that in his 21st Century Men still beat women,well it was yesterday when artiste Leila Kayondo revealed to the public how she has went in for a series of beatings from her ex-fiance SK Mbuga. Though Mbuga is now engaged to a one Vivian,No one knows the relationship between these two ex-lovers that led one to beat the other.

 Leila Kayondo posted on her timeline as she quoted  “I am calling for help from the IGP GEN. Kale kayihura. I have been  beaten and tortured by SK MBUGA so many times. But every time I go to report to the police station kabalagala, I don’t get helped out. Today I was really beaten badly and same thing has happened. He has threatened to kill me. My call for you General kale kayihura, is because SK MBUGA paid the police in that, every case I take to them, they give it a deaf ear. Please I call for help from every Ugandan who feels touched. My life is in danger. Am helpless. Justice must be brought on board. I can’t go ahead with this torture by Sk Mbuga”.

We now ask you the fans We all know what Leila Kayondo saw in SK Mbuga but what does Mbuga see in Leila?

below are the pics of Leila after a severe beating from SK Mbuga

mbu mbu2 mbuga