Lessons to learn from AK47’S death in the Mayanja family


By Elijah Mutabuza


We had four great men from the Mayanja family musically,  Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone the elder, Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel, Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso and Emanuel Mayanja aka Ak47(RIP), later on, sadly ak47 passed away, Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso remained. His death meant a lot, it left pain in us, it left grief and it left Orphans which is so bad.
But since then, we have seen many things in that family, unity, love and smiles all over.
It has to be noted that before that, Chameleone and Weasel were sour enemies and couldn’t look at each other directly but at the funeral we saw Chameleone hold Weasel tightly, that is the love we are talking about.

Same applies to Chameleone and Pallaso, they could fight day and night, ill post about each other blah blah, but when aAK47 died, Chameleone showcased a great love to Pallaso as if nothing had happened.
Now as we are preparing to celebrate the life and birthday of the fallen dancehall king Ak47 at Vemon on 29th October this year, we have witnessed what we call unity in the brothers.

One, they met, planned for celebrations of their late brother, secondly, they did one thing that clearly shows that they are of the same blood, having Ak47 tattoos on their bodies! It was Weasel first, Pallaso second and Chameleone also followed suit. This has revived the lost glory of the Mayanja family and it has brought about everlasting unity and love because its from unity and love that everything has to happen.
Moral, it is not from hatred that we can live happily, but also love and unity can move mountains. RIP AK47