“Lets manage our young Ugandan female artistes properly”, Security guru Dickson Okello explains


By staff writer

Though is a top security guru who handles big events around, Dickson Okello took off time and revealed why there was need to groom and guide upcoming female artistes. He was quoted below;

Lets manage our young Ugandan female artistes -properly.It seems that there is much jealousy and not a lot of love or enough respect for Ugandan female artistes.I always wonder, why after their first hot single, most of these musicians are quickly forgotten or not managed properly. Badly handled, badly styled and with less money put into managing them than their male counterparts, it appears (to me anyway) that most of their managers happen to be young men after some kind of “relationship” or dirty old men aka Sugar Daddies, who are sponsoring them(if you know what I mean).Some end up abusing drugs and getting involved in sex scandals. We need mature female musicians like Halima Namakula and Joanita Kawalya to get into management to adequately mentor and guide these young female artists.