Levels lounge Kitchen is looking to delight in our fine dining experience


Levels lounge Kitchen is making itself public for all looking to delight in our fine dining experience

Levels lounge Kitchen, one of the industry leader in bar business around Kampala, Uganda is rolling out its diversely assorted Food section branded the Levels Kitchen. Located centrally within Kampala, opposite the Uganda Museum, it should be really easy finding us! Six of our favorite dishes are on the menu today in a press release showcase with a small group of food enthusiasts. They’ll also be hosted around our spacious lounge and restaurant space will taste the dishes on our menu.

The Levels Kitchen outdoor dining experience with a laid back yet upscale atmosphere lets you dine in comfort. In addition, the local, continental, oriental and fast food dishes served are infused with creativity and flair; Quality, great tasting food is the promise.

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, however, the restaurant being a part of a bar establishment was hit like many others and is now freshly reopening as the regulations ease up. In the meantime, we have put in place all required health SOPs to ensure our customers stay safe. This is for those that intend to dine- in. The Kitchen also has a delivery option for those that just want to eat out in the comfort of their home spaces.

“The buffet is my favorite here, a great price and awesome customer service” says

Kyshe the PR. “I love the boiled tilapia and the hosein grilled chicken too”