Luswata flies out for greener pastures


By Sean Musa Carter

Once branded the gossip Queen on both Urban TV and Galaxy FM, unconfirmed rumors have it that Mary Luswata decided to throw in a towel to her job to try her luck in the United Kingdom (UK). Mary left her Scoop on scoop TV show in a ghost of its own plus her XFM request show a few days back and went for a kyeyo to UK though she claims that she went to visit her boyfriend but close friends reveal that she went to work.

It should be remembered that Mary threw in a towel to industrial area based TV station sometime back and went to UK for job hunting but things didn’t go well so she returned after a month and luckily enough the urban TV management was generous enough to give her back her job but this time around it looks like she went for good. Well known for criticizing and lecturing artists and social lites who work from out side countries, it looks like Luswata is now part of the team. Good enough she went to join former bukedde TV presenter Leila Kakyapizo who left to the same country a few months back and currently doing well. Wish you all the best Mary, hope this time you won’t be back in a month. Lol