Masaka MP Hon Richard Ssebamala still hunted by Kenyans for theft



For a longtime, Hon Richard Ssebamala has been close associates with Kenyan President H.E William Ruto and as a businessman, this worked in his favour.

Hon Ssebamala who is a Civil Engineer also owns several businesses like a Bridal shop in Kampala near Radio One, he is into shipping and farming among others. With Connections to H.E Ruto, Hon Ssebamala decided to use Kenya as his go to country whenever he wanted to bring in any commodities but ended up not paying suppliers.

In fear of his connections to H.E Ruto, he was untouchable in Kenya and when Kenyan businessmen lost patience, they have been trolling him since 2021 after he was declared Member of Parliament Bukoto Central, Masaka district.

A group of unidentified Kenyans are on his case accusing him of theft and have been in and out of Uganda trying to find justice because they want their payment of close to Shs1 billion. We have then been notified that the Member of Parliament has now been scarce on the streets of Kampala because he fears to face these Kenyans and has resorted to sleeping on his office desk in Parliament and has since abandoned his house.