MC Kapale reveals how he was robbed in Dubai


By Enews UG Team

One might easily think that its only in Kampala where artists and comedians get robbed off there money by event organisers but it wasnt the case this time as popular comedian MC Kapale got robbed in Dubai.Comedian MC Kapale who had went alongside singer Sheebah and Roden Y to perform in Dubai earlier on is heard in a video he uploaded on facebook attacking events organiser, a one Dj Ram for leaving him in a hotel room without getting any payment for the services he rendered at the show.

Comedian Kapale who first thanked his Dubai based fans and followers for massively showing up for the event further explains that Dj Ram asked him to perform at the show and will get his payment the next day which wasn’t as agreed at first but Kapale accepted to hit stage since he was in a foreign land with a thought that the event organizer will try to keep his word but it only came to his dismay as Dj Ram left him in a hotel room and ran to an unknown destination.