Meddie Ssentongo replaces fabiola with Kenyan Carazon


By Kenny Lubz

They say when you have money everything comes easy for you, this is reflected in the life former Bad black lover Meddie sentongo is living. Months after being dropped or he himself dropping Anita Fabiola, the socialite is at it again and this time with someone better, guess who Kenyan socialite and lawyer Carazon Kwamboka. The two have been spotted together in numerous night clubs in Kenya, to make it official Carazon took to her Instagram to upload a video of them both having time together plus a picture of them in a club, this will surely not go down well with Anita Fabiola who has been onto her social media platforms throwing insults at meddie ever since they broke up, the big question here is how long will this relationship last and how will Bad Black react cause the last time she threatened Fabiola to leave her then fiancé Meddie.