Meet CHIMMY, the brains behind ‘BANTU CLAN’ HIPHOP BAND and all its history.


By Sean Carter Musa

Born on 5th May,1993 by real names of Musolo David you could say that on that same day a messiah was born to change the face of hip-hop in Uganda. Chimmy was born by Mr. Elijah Musolo and Mrs. Amoit Immaculate from jinja in a village known as Bukaya and he was raised in a family of 11(eleven) members even though he has spent very little time with them due to family wrangles and struggles of a poor family.

Being born in a christian family,Chimmy studied almost in only religious schools starting his primary level from Bukaya Nursery school and later proceeded to St. Moses primary school Njeru, then Stm johns educational center mukono and St. Noa kabuwoko but due to personal reasons and “big brains” as Chimmy jockingly insinuates, he dropped out in Senior five and proceeded to Kampala where he branched from and took a musical course that enhanced his whole carrier.
Spending so much time with his Father who was a Deejay during those times drove Chimmy’s love for music higher and he started penning down and rapping but basically about his life experiences just to inspire more youths and express his love for rap music. He continued pursuing music of course with proud support of his father Mr. Elijah.

With time David aka Chimmy started recruiting and gathering more youths with rap dreams and started up his own crew in 2011 which was known as “Talent for life” but when he met up Babaluku he decided to re-brand it to “The Bantu Clan” so he decided to stage for them their first ever stage in Jinja during the Bayimba regional festival which made a very big impression for the group since it was all about exposing talent and inspiring others through Live music so The bantu clan became the first ever Hip Hop band in Uganda.

Mukalazi was their first producer and since then he branded them as a hiphop family and band which raps through local languages like Luganda, Lucholi, Lusoga and the rest. Having conquered a record label with Bayimba, the Banth clan had then got 3 more big talented artists like: TKay 15 who majora as a luga flow rapper and the group’s graphics designer, Kendie Lava whose the main band vocalist who also raps in Zimbabwean language then MC Twitch who raps in Lucholi and finally the main man himself Chimmy.

In 2013,the band released its first album which was a big break through including their biggest song dubbed ‘Africa Ni Leo‘ which stands for ‘Africa is now’ produced by Kenyan legendary producer known as Sankari and upto date its is still playing on BBC.
Bantu clan became so big and it started majoring in big targets like naturing and collecting more talent and currently they own their own clothing line with the help of Uganda’s biggest designer known as Ras Kasozi.
Currently the band has a brand new single called YUDAH and its doing well on countdowns already.