Meet Ground Force One: The US President’s $1.1 million armored bus


Complied by Nsiiro Jacob

The president has no shortage of transit options, from Air Force One and Marine One to Cadillac One. Now meet Ground Force One, the president’s armored bus and the most recent edition to the presidential fleet. We’ve compiled some of Ground Force One’s most impressive features: And just like “Cadillac One,” Obama’s Ground Force One is painted jet-black The Secret Service purchased Ground Force One and its twin decoy from the Tennessee-based company Hemphill Brothers Coach for a cool $1.1 million each. But ultimately the buses are cost-effective before the purchase of Ground Force One, the Secret Service rented a new bus every time the president needed one and then retrofitted the bus with armor plating and other security features.ob oba

The bus comes with a suite of security precautions, including run-flat tires, armored exteriors, and heavily reinforced glass Ground Force One comes with a fire-suppression system, oxygen tanks to provide breathable air in the case of a chemical attack, and an extra supply of the president’s blood in case he is injured In addition to the security features, the bus comes equipped with a full suite of office equipment, including phones, TV, radio, and internet. It’s unclear what the interior of Ground Force One looks like, but a White House aide once described a seating area with captain’s chairs and a couch.

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