Men also cry!


By Elijah Mutabuza


Men also suffer in silence and cry in the dark as much as women do. It’s just that the majority of them never want to show it in order not to lose their manhood and to keep peace in their relationships and homes, but they go through a lot, they are taken for granted and treated like trash.

Some resort to boozing, they go back home late, they abandon their families, they become bad guys and others take their lives due to much pain. But fellas, instead of killing each other and developing some other bad behaviors, why not open up and if they don’t understand and consider your pain, then you go separate ways. Don’t take your dear life because your woman refused to give you a child because she is secretly using family planning methods, don’t take your life because she refused to love you back, because you found her red-handed with someone else, because you had bad rumors about her, or because she disappointed you.

There are millions of real and down to earth women out there and there is one that God reserved for you. Fine, you spent your money, time and energy on that lady, but don’t spend the rest of your life regretting and take away your precious life. Be strong and move on.