Mesach Semakula, Spice Diana join other artistes to Fight Muzaata arrogance


By staff writer

Mesach Semakula, Spice Diana join other artistes to Fight Muzaata arrogance

For the last few weeks, Eddy Kenzo has been going through the worst of times in his love life and throughout this period, he has been speechless and strong at the same time after his baby mama, Rema Namakula, fell for another man.

None of that could stop her plans with Sebunya from going on and the pre-intro went on well with no glitches, but the remarks that Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata made have since left Eddy Kenzo not a settled man, he has now unleashed all his anger on the Sheikh demanding that he withdraws his statement or the Uganda.

“Those love niggas are never serious. They are hypocrites in love, they pretend to love you but they don’t. They don’t marry, they will tell you they want someone who has the same manners as their moms. Go and marry your mom, if you want someone like her,” he said.

Top influential artistes have rallied behind Eddy Kenzo after coming out to ask Sheikh Muzaata to apologize, the artistes included Mesach Semakula, Haruna Mubiru, Spice Diana, Dr. Hilderman, Nu york, Manager Roger.

Mesach Semakula was quoted, “I think Sheikh Muzaata is old enought to realize that he is in wrong, so let him come out and apolgize to EddyKenzo”

Spice Diana, “Muzaata is such a disgrace to the society, he should be dicriminated, he is not fit to be among humans. Let him apologize to Kenzo”.

“I dont even know how he was put into office, its a pity that such brains lead people. Muzaata is supposed to be a unifying factor among the youth. Let him apologize or further action will take place”.

Haruna Mubiru, “Its a pity to see my muslim brothers fighting, i think Muzaata will realize his misatke and apologize”.