Multi Billion Dollar Car plant to be constructed in Kakira,Jinja-City


 By Nsiiro Jacob

Makerere University, makers of Kiira EV, a hybrid car, have moved to form a firm, Kiira Motors Corporation , to headline their operations in car manufacturing. The Prime Minister of Uganda Rt. Hon. Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda Monday morning launched the roadmap for Kiira Motors Corporation in the company’s bid to propel Uganda into car manufacturing. Dr. Rugunda said that Kiira Motors represents clear strides in the establishment of a firm automotive industry which is key in economic development.

 In a statement, KMC said the Kiira Motors project is “an industrial development intervention by the government of Uganda supported through the Presidential Initiative for Science and Technology Innovations.” The statement added that Kiira Motors aims to start manufacturing vehicles by 2018. “This is a practical step toward the transformation of Uganda into a middle-income nation by 2040… by providing a platform for intellectual application and provision of high- tech employment opportunities,” said Paul Issac Musasizi, the chief executive officer.

 He added that they would work in partnership with some of the established car makers from India and other countries. The KMC complex is to sit on 100 acres of land situated at the Uganda Investment Authority Jinja industrial and business park on plot 701, Block 2 Kagogwa village, in Kakira The KMC product portfolio will include pickups, compact SUVs (cross-overs), saloons, light and medium-duty Commercial vehicles (buses and trucks). Makerere University has agreed to a 4 per cent shareholding on their Kiira EV car innovation with government following an out-of-court settlement. This means that government, through Uganda Development Corporation Limited (UDCL) will take 96 per cent of the investment. Prof Barnabas Nuwangwe, the deputy vice chancellor in charge of finance, told Sunday Monitor that the duo arrived at the figure after looking at what Makerere’s investment will be in the project. Ownership “Makerere University withdrew the case it had filed against UDCL on the Kiira EV pioneer car.

 It is not fair to take up our project we started and they don’t recognize our input. We filed the case and we are comfortable with the out-of-court settlement now. Let us look at the future. It is history for Makerere staff who were trying to sabotage us,” Prof Nuwangwe said. He added: “We arrived at the figure after computing what Makerere University’s input has been up to the commercial production. That stage was agreed upon by both parties. This is a multibillion dollar project. At least 4 per cent of Makerere shareholding is better than nothing.” On April 1, 2014, UDCL caused the incorporation of Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) with UDCL as the sole shareholder in KMC. On June 6, 2014, Kiira Motors Corporation with the concurrence of Uganda Development Corporation lodged with the registrar of trademarks an application for registration of Kiira EV as a trademark.