Musician Guvnor Ace dumps ‘grandma’ wife for Norway. Runs with house keys,jacket and phone.


By EnewsUG team

Faded Leone island singer, Ronald Semawere alias Guvnor Ace, 28 years has dumped his old zungu wife and apparently ran to asylum in Norway.

The singer who got monked for marrying a 69 year old Sweddish granny few months ago, has reportedly deleted all his social media accounts in an attempt to keep his where abouts a secret after running with a yet to be identified lady in Norway with his Swedish wife, Morna-lisa Larsson’s mansion keys, phone and jacket.

“He only used me to come to Sweden, steal me and now has moved to asylum in Norway with his woman.” “This is a bush man, cheap and poor and his woman is also cheap who serves his man for money. Its not because i can’t get children, he left me because he is stupid and doesn’t care about women” – Lisa cried out in a series of social media posts

The two got married in a Legal wedding a few months ago in Kampala before changing location to settle in Stockholm, Sweden where Lisa hails from as Guvnor planned his next move to set off for Norway with a mysterious lady.

We shall keep you posted about any developments on this story