NBS snatches WBS’s sports crew


By our writer

Things are better and better for the Kamwokya based TV station,NBS which has now managed to bring in good presenters from rival TV stations,this time round it went in for WBS’ sports crew that features Mark Ssail,Mark Namanya.They will replace Aldrine Nsubuga who is now the chief marketer Star Times and Joe Kigozi who now works with the new Buganda TV.

The crew is expected to be live for the first time on Sunday at 10PM on their sports show ‘Home and Away”. Alongside the newly wedded eseza omuto,Mark Namanya and colleagues have been one of the longest serving employees at the Naguru based TV station where they had managed to dominate all sports shows around over years.WBS TV is going down each day as various presenters have quit for bigger jobs.