Nigeria begs Bebe cool to visit them


By Nsiiro Jacob

Bamidele Vien Osagie, Radio Host City105.1 Fm has tweeted @BebeCoolUG you should definitely come to Nigeria next year .. got some mad love here a confession that portrays an open opportunity

During the course of the year Bebe cool with an eye opener “love you everyday” that cemented his strong foundation for his international recognition followed with the release of his nominated album in the Kora awards “Go mama” were an a assurance to the public that is got what it takes to represent his country outside its boarders not talking about the nominations and awards won since the release of the blockbuster album

Nigeria or west Africa in particular is part of the market targets for any musician or artist out there that’s if he wants to grasp the African continent in his hands and here is the chance for Bebe cool to dominate.