Nince Henry to auction his Hair to save Carol’s life


By Staff writer

Faridah Nakazibwe visited Carol Atuhirwe last week on behalf of NTV, so did Promoter Balaam Barugahara who contributed one million Shillings towards her medical expenses.

Nince Henry who came out to headline the Celebrities to help Carol get the money needed for medication abroad last night shocked his fans In a long Facebook post, the ‘Mpola Mpola’ singer was quoted as seen below;

“I AM DONATING MY HAIR: This is my hair. It’s my real hair which I rolled into dreadlocks in 2010 November. I wanted to have clean,long,black,and stylish dreads not just like any other dreads. This took regular washing,spraying,and retouching to ensure for the last five years and I am not bragging, I think I achieved my goal which was to have some of the best looking dreadlocks in town. I love my hair so much that when I decided to change my hair look a few weeks ago, I packed them well and stored them in one of the coolest places in my house of course willing to join them back on anytime. Since the public saw my new look I have been receiving numerous calls from people willing to buy my hair but I am not willing to lose my five year one full foot long dreads.
However, I am now gonna auction this hair on Saturday at PANAMERA and the highest bidder will have them and the money will be added to the‪ save carol account to have her taken to USA for her medical OPERATION.
Please I kindly ask ANYONE WITH ANYTHING TO AUCTION TO RAISE FUNDS to please bring with it on Saturday at PANAMERA .
May God bless you. May God help carol live”