“No matter what happened,i still love Lillian and Jackie”, Cindy comes out about Blu*3


By Waiswa Brian

It was in 2008,when everyone was shocked to hear that Cindy had left the group,just after the Blu 3 interview and their version of events, but at that time in 2008, Cindy’s version was what the media picked up. It was known around media circles that Cindy was more approachable and perhaps that served her well in her quest to defend herself in the whole situation. Before Steve Jean quit, the girls had resolved to promote the ‘Burn’ song that year. And in January, they staged concerts in Ghana and Nigeria where they spent two weeks, before resolving to go for a one-month holiday.

Cindy decided to spend her holiday with her boyfriend, Mario Brunetti in Spain. But according to Cindy, a week into her holiday she received a call from her colleagues asking her to ‘be back or else get replaced. “I told them it wasn’t possible because it was my holiday and yet I had registered with a vocal trainer.They asked me if I had relocated and I told them no,” said Cindy, 

On February 25, Cindy says, she received another call from her colleagues telling her she had been permanently replaced by Mya. Earlier on today, Dance Hall Diva Cindy a.k.a Sanyu Cinderella came out and posted on her Facebook page as quoted “Morning. God bless these ladies.Things may have not worked out for us as Blu*3 but I will never forget and will always treasure the memories. Teamcindycate,never forget where you came from”.