On Probation Rapper MEEK MILL threatens To SHOOT Drake


  By Enewswug

In His New Song!!! Meek Mill just released a snippet from his new Dreamchasers 4 album. In it, he threatens to SHOOT Drake the next time he sees him. Meek is currently on PROBATION – and faces jail time.

“When I was saying sh*t about them rhymes you ain’t wrote, I can’t wait until we run into ya, ima put a gun in ya”

Meek is under house arrest until he’s put in front of a judge again in February 2016. He’s not supposed to leave to do public appearances or perform in concerts, including a previously scheduled New Year’s Eve show with his boo Nicki Minaj. Check out this snippit from Meek’s new album, “Dreamchasers 4” … you hear “I can’t wait until we run into ya, Ima put a gun in ya.”

It’s an escalation in their beef, which Drake has been winning hands down.