Pallaso fights at Bobi Wine’s Busabala fest


   By Elijah Mutabuza

The most anticipated Kiggwa Leero Busabala Fest by HE Bobi Wine at Busabala was massive and we saw various performances from our own artistes that were in a mingle of mature and upcoming ones. The show that ended late at 2am saw crowds entertained to the fullest but as you know in Uganda it is very hard to stage such a show and it ends successfully, a case in point is Pallaso’s fighting. Pallaso fought after his Team Good Music crew was forced to leave the stage since he was paid to perform as an individual yet he decided to have his whole crew on stage to perform their songs hence bleach of contract. He later on said that for him he just gave a chance to upcoming musicians to perform since he knows how it feels when an upcoming is denied a chance to sing and big artistes sing. This left us wondering whether in the contract they gave him there was that section of ‘giving upcoming artistes a chance to perform’ not him performing instead.

As we talk right now, the management of Kigwa Leero Busabala Fest is filing a case against Pallaso for having bleached the agreement in a short period like that even after appearing at the show! We shall keep you posted of all the advancements.