Pallaso shoots Video for his new song ‘Bubble’,Chameleone features in it too.

 By Waiswa Brian
 Before anything else, just know Pallaso has been a big revelation to Uganda’s music industry ever since he stepped back home after a longtime in USA. Pallaso is now leading his brothers (Weasel and Chameleon) in all aspects of music from the music itself to Video production.
  After premiering a new video ‘ON FIRE’,Pallaso yesterday begun the shooting the video of his new song ‘Bubble’ and has finally did the last shooting today as he revealed below;

 “Bubble video shoot is done !! Thank you my whole team, the management and staff of club Venom especially Husein, Meddy Saleh and every body that left all they had to do to come help me succeed!! It definitely became the best shoot of my life when the King him self Dr Chameleon surprised me when he walked on set and featured in the video !! Thank you doctor I owe you the world and my love & respect for you tall pass Kilimanjaro !! I can’t wait for you guys to see this video”