Pastor Bugingo’s Parents’ House Shocks public


Pastor Aloysious Bugingo paraded off hisa Rwandan parents after him officially proposing to his yet to be wife Suzan Makula Nantaba.

After the internet and the whole media getting to know about his parents, ever since then alot of investigations have been going on until a local TV show, Uncut airing on NBS Television paraded off an ugly muddy house said to be the one for Pastor Bugingo’s parents.

Bugingo introduced his parents Aloysius and Jane Bugingo to the jubilant congregation. Both his parents are Rwandans who live in Rwanda. Mr Bugingo senior told followers that his son is a Ugandan becuase he was born and raised in Masaka.

Meanwhile, it should be remembered that Pastor Bugingo built a mansion for his yet to be wedded wife Suzan Makula Nantaba said to be worth hundreds of millions.