Pastor IGA Infected me with HIV VIRUS,Nabbi Omukazi tells Family


By Our Enewsug Reporter

One scholar once intimated that the world is round and what goes around definitely has to come around.That old age saying seems to reflect in the love gone sour story between Kawala based ABIZAYO CHURCH’S Pastor Iga Augustine and his right hand cum ex lover Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi.Information has been tricking that the two fell out and are nolonger in love,yet Maggie still conducts her business normally at the church.Our sources inside Pr.Iga’s church tell us that the once blossoming love went sour the day the soft spoken Pastor tried to stop Nabbi Omukazi’s sister Berna Namisinga from getting married.Apparently the pastor felt he wasn’t accorded the due respect he wanted leading to the ceremony.When he tried to block the introduction,Nabbi Omukazi stood her ground and that’s when the two fell out.Pastor Iga withdrew his car and all forms of financial support to Maggie something that forced her family to call for a family meeting to iron out matters but to their shock Nabbi refused to apologize and assured Iga that he should be grateful to have a hot lady like her because his responsible for spoiling her future.

U INFECTED ME WITH A DEADLY VIRUS AND ITS ME THAT HAS BEEN TAKING CARE OF YOU TO DATE,AM YO LAST SOLUTION AND TRUST ME AM WALKING AWAY AND YOU WONT LAST” ,Our source quoted Nabbi Omukazi to have told the Pastor before storming out of the meeting.Since then the two nolonger see eye to eye and its believed all attempts by the Pastor to have her back have fallen on deaf ears. However our sources can reliably tell us that Nabbi Omukazi is still an integral part of the church.Pastor Iga has since been bedridden several times and is believed to be on his way out.