PHOTOS: Bobi Wine throws a mega birthday party for his son ‘Kampala’.


By staff writer

Since he is his first child and heir, Bobi Wine spent the whole day celebrating his son’s birthday party with his family members. The singer first took out the birthday boy for swimming and later headed for a boat cruise to cut cake as seen in the pictures.

Bobi Wine posted a warm birthday message as quoted, “When I had my first child on  8th August 2015, my world completely changed. It was no longer about me but us. I stopped thinking about just today but also tomorrow. I started thinking future, family and country. I grew up! As your earthly life was beginning, my spiritual life was beginning too so we have grown through 11 years together helping each other grow both ‘young and old’. When I look at you today, I see everything I missed by having a humble childhood coming back to me through you. God has been faithful. I pray that he guides you through this unpredictable world to become a good Ugandan. Happy birthday Solomon Kampala Sekayi Nyanzi Galyenkanawa”

Kampala Solomon-Bobi Wine-2 Kampala Solomon-Bobi Wine Kampala Solomon-Bobi Wine-1 Kampala Solomon-Bobi Wine-4 Kampala Solomon-Bobi Wine-5 Kampala Solomon-Bobi Wine-6 Barbie Itungo at Solomon's birthday Bobi Wine at Solomon's birthday Kampala Solomon-Bobi Wine-6 Kampala Solomon-Bobi Wine-8

Kampala Solomon-Bobi Wine-6