PHOTOS: Inside Presidential Candidate Prof.Baryamureeba’s Mercedes GL500 Benz


By Waiswa Brian

This Sunday,we take a good look at Presidential aspirant Professor Baryamureba’s Mercedes GL500 2015 model ride.Its estimated to be around; Private price guide:$120,010 – $136,380,Trade-in price guide:$92,200 – $109,100,Wholesale price guide:$116,000 – $137,940.

The Mercedes GL500 is a sizeable machine, something you notice when you swing open the big rear doors and climb in. More legroom would be welcome in the second row, especially if the front seat is all the way back. The stitched leather, wood trim and satin chrome stretch to the middle row, although the third row is less elegant. At least there are cup holders, great side vision and decent headroom. Getting in there, too, is done at the press of a button, which electronically folds the middle row.
The Benz looks big and feels big, especially when you launch it at a corner. Ours was fitted with sizeable 21-inch Pirelli tyres that hang on well enough, but push on too hard and all that weight soon makes itself known. And while the GL holds its line and poise faithfully through a sweeping bend – albeit with some lean – a decent bump can have the body rolling around, as can sudden direction changes.

In regular driving, though, it’s serene and quiet, with unwanted tyre roar a companion only on second-rate surfaces. The air suspension is more compliant in Comfort mode, although Sport brings some added control – at the expense of ride comfort.

below are some of the pics of Professor Baryamureeba’s Benz;

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