PHOTOS: Leila Kayondo stuns crowd with her dress


By staff writer

During last night’s Zzina Awards that were held at Theatre La’Bonita ,everyone was stunned at the beautiful dress singer Leila Kayondo had put on,in fact she was the best dressed female celebrity as it took some fans to clearly recognize that she was the one,everyone spent the whole night looking at her.Leila was dressed to kill as she received wild cheers from the crowd as she went on stage to present the award for rising star of the year which was won by Dax Kartel.

Sources revealed that she purchased the dress during her holiday tour in United Arab Emirates during the Dubai Fashion week,She has been secretly keeping it at her L_Kay boutique located in Kabalagala.The ‘Awo’ singer has been shooting the video of her new song ‘Omukwano Gwewala” which will be released anytime soon.

some pics of the gorgeous Leila Kayondo in her stunning dress

Leila tries out her gorgeous dress before the Zzina Awards
Leila on stage while presenting an award to Dax Kartel
Leila Kayondo in another pose