PHOTOS: Singer Maro officially opens his studio

By EnewsUG team
Besides the small party that turned out a big drink up, with various celebrity appearances, Maro had a speech that touched everyone as he dedicated the work of his hands to a fallen soldier Elie charm who a friend and a birding artiste who passed on in the same month of May, marking Three years gone. ”I had a dream three days a go and in this dream i was with Elie Charm telling him how i know he was still living, we shared a lot and i remember that he was very happy about Volume up records and the direction i am taking”.
 The artiste told the crowd to not be sad Rather drink to that and make some noise for the fallen artiste friend. RIP: Elie charm.
speaking of drinking, most visitors respected the theme of the party and came with a drink. The party had a lot of drinks and we kept on seeing more crates of sodas and beers coming in. Maro’s girlfriend played bar attendant and faced trouble as many wanted wine and she had no wine opener. We saw Local brew ”Malwa” served by the artiste him self and people enjoyed every bit of the party, took a lot of pictures and selfies with Iryn namubiru, Keko, B2C, Able Tasha and Spice Diana who came to support the artiste.
None Alcoholic grape champagne was popped and splashed on tho the artiste and fiancee as the did the honors of cutting the ribbon.
one by one with shoes off, people  entered and had a tour in the studio plus they signed on the wall a souvenir for having attended the opening. The studio architecture was designed by the artiste and equipment was shipped in from Thomann Germany mostly M-AUDIO brand is seen in the studio for he says he researched and trusts the brand.
The studio will offer services from AUDIO PRODUCTION: Tracking Mixing and Mastering, COMMERCIALS: voice overs, script writing, audio presentations, MUSIC CONSULTANCY: Vocal coaching, song writing, etc, with studio time at 500, 000/= UGX range up to 2.5M for the Different package of three items mentioned above. To book time and inquiries Call Management 0781 57 32 35 and work with their amazing producers, Zuli tums the man behind Maro and Iryn ADDICTED Plus D Mario also up and coming producer.
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