Radio and Weasel to be arrested, if they fail to appear in Court….


By staff writer

A Court order was sent to Radio and Weasel about their court appearance mid-way this week, should the duo fail to appear in Court on that date, a warrant of arrest will be issued. There is still time for the two camps to settle their issues outside Court and save time plus money on their legal teams, as per now, non of them is willing to swallow their pride and call for a round table discussion.

Radio and Weasal clearly showed no interest of apologizing to Jeff Kiwa as he had asked told them do, So the Court set their first hearing set for July 12th.

His conditions included making a public apology through their Facebook page, and writing an apology letter in all major newspapers by June 20th, Team No Sleep’s Kiwa through his lawyers Muwema & Co Advocates decided to take the singing duo to Court after they failed to oblige.