Radio reveals about their music success


By Sean Carter Musa

No doubt, Radio and Weasel are the best duo singing partners East Africa have ever had and for over 8 years in the music industry they are still together. Moses Ssekibogo alias Moze Radio revealed in an interview why and how he has been able to last with his partner Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel for so long starting from the 2008 song of the year ‘Nakudata’ to their latest ‘Golden Girl’. The two artists are still more than ready to push their carriers to unprecedented heights no matter what struggle they go through and no matter what people always talk about them.

Any one can be a hit maker for one song but it takes more than dreaming for one to stay at the top of the game” revealed Radio.He added that in order for them to win the countless music awards, the two singers have worked under a lot of pressure and they put in a lot of effort to stay at the top of their game but not just hitting the studio.

More hard work led them to collaborating with one of Africa’s biggest artists and Nigeria’s finest Wizkid. The ability to do more than one type of music and being able to blend in all styles hence satisfying different fan bases has also helped strengthen the two in the music industry. “If friendship can’t survive, then music will also die” concluded Weasel.

Well it looks like their strong bond of friendship and love for same tastes has also bonded the dynamic duo together for this long.