Radio and Weasel’s Mukono show cancelled


By our reporter

After having held a successfull concert at Hotel Africa on Friday,singers Radio and Weasel headed to Satelite beach in Mukono yesterday for another extra ‘Omwana wa’bandi’ show. However, Radio and Weasel’s management had to call off the show in Mukono fearing flop after seeing a low crowd turn up, something that had to do with ‘Boycott’ by the residents of Mukono.

Some sources revealed that some unknown promoters sabotaged the show by telling the revelers during the day about how Radio and Weasel weren’t going to show up due to fatigue after an energetic performance at Hotel Africana. However, Radio and Weasel’s management has not yet come out to clearly explain the whole incident to the public, We keep you posted in case of any development on this story.