Rapper Afrikane releases his first song “I’m on my way”.


  By Waiswa Brian

 Rapper AfriKane has had an eventful year with a highlight being the fact that he just got signed to a label in Norway called LOVE RECORDS and has finally delivered on what we all were waiting for..his first single as a solo artist. For most people that are familiar with his work, this is going to be a surprise. We spoke to him and he had this to say..

 “I’m on my way is a song that means so much to me coz it speaks of my struggles all through life and how I have managed to come out on the other side and it is for this reason that I together with my people at Love records decided go for reaching out to a wide range audience and surpassed all boundaries so this song is not the Usual aggressive ‘all rap’ song that fans would know AfriKane for…in this song I show you a different side and the versatility that I have grown to find that I have. It is a song that has a mixture of hip hop, pop and a jazz feel to it..this way we set our bar to reach everyone and anyone out there..not just the hip hop community. The song will be officially released on the 29th December 2015 on Spotify, wimp, iTunes, soundcloud and everywhere else music can drop. Am so happy that I recently signed to this awesome label that believes in me. The song will be released in Uganda (my home country) first around the 15th of December and I will perform many other songs of mine while in Uganda for a month. I have many plans for next year which include having a small tour in some countries including coming back to Uganda with my band to play live music there. I thank my fans and my label and my family for all believing in me..also my media people who keep pushing AfriKane. God bless

We are so proud of You AfriKane and can’t wait for you to make us more and more proud as a country (Uganda) from Africa.