Rapper Cleo speaks about Hiphop Music in Uganda


   Interview By Ken Lubz

Qn: Who is Cleo in general?

Ans: Cleo is a lot of things, I wish your question was specific.. Hehe.. Well I’m a Entrepreneur/Artist. I majored in PR and Marketing. And I have a passion for Art and Hiphop which happen to be the two things I actively participate in right now.

Qn: You look good I must say am impressed, are you married,dating or single?

Ans: Thank You but I’m not married, neither am I dating.

Qn: How does it feel like being a female rapper in Uganda?,Do people take u serious?

Ans: Being a female rapper in Uganda has it’s problems, sometimes I’m confused at what I exactly feel about it. But it’s mostly a great thing because we are few in number and so it’s like an honor to be a part of the few women who have dared to work in male dominated industry. I’m proud of that. It’s also a great platform to inspire more females to come out and challenge themselves. Do people take me seriously? Well, those that matter do. Family, Fans, Friends.. That’s what matters.

Qn: Why did you choose to do hip hop of all the genres?

Ans: I chose to do hip hop because I have always loved hip hop from when I was young, it’s what I relate to, plus I don’t think my singing is as good as my pen game in regards to rap.

Qn: Who is your favorite rapper ,locally and internationally?

Ans: Favorite rapper… I have many for different reasons, Enygma for the Wordplay,The Myth for the way he crafts a song, Benny Black has dope written, Internationally…Lupe Fiasco.

Qn: Who is your favorite Lugaflo artist?

Ans: Favorite Lugaflo would be Nelly-Sade.. Have you watched him perform? Even if your comprehension of Luganda is not as good, I bet you you will be taken in and you will pay attention to everything he spits, very captivating!

Qn: Ugcypher or Ntm cypher?

Ans: I’ll go with UG Cypher. Ug Cypher represents Unity and I’m all about Unity! Plus it was a dope cypher. contrary to what some people might say. NTM cypher was good too,only that it was engineered to create controversy which was not even necessary.

Qn: What’s your take on the current state of hip hop in Uganda now?

Ans: The current state of hip hop has been characterized by animosity this year, not just Uganda..it’s been a rather interesting year.. The battle atmosphere and the subliminal shots.. That sh*t is toxic. Beef is part of hip hop, it keeps things interesting but certain beef don’t make sense like Habo and The Mith.. That was hilarious! Then Llyboc Vs The rest of the world.. Now that was just sad cause I doubt he will be getting any responses which defeats the whole purpose of beef.

Qn: Do female rappers also have beef among-st themselves? And are you beefing with anyone?

Ans: Female MCs don’t have beef, we many have one or two people trying to dis credit and put us down but we understand their position, at the end of the day it’s not an issue, the unity we have as female rappers supersedes the opinion of one person. And no I’m not beefing anyone, if I was I wouldn’t say it here. As rappers your beef can only be acknowledged in bars on a track.. If there’s any future beef I’ll be sure to share the link to my reverb.

Qn: Talking music how can the fans access your music?

Ans: My music is on www.soundcloud.com/the-sphynx

Qn: Any upcoming projects? Ans: Yes, I have a mix tape coming up, “AsphyNxia”

Qn: I Smell cake!! Do you?

Ans: Hehehe Yes, I’m a cake artisan. That’s my business, my day job. I turn cake into art.