Reasons why it is VERY important to make her w8t before $3x


It has been said time and time again that foreplay and arousal are important to get the best sexual experience, especially for women. Still, a lot of women complain that men are not doing enough to make sure they are good and ready for sex.The advice of making her wet should not be seen as a cliché or unimportant.  It will actually affect your sex life, not just that particular sexual experience. Here are three reasons why.

Sex is painless

Sex is supposed to be painless and enjoyable, if you do not make sure she is wet, it is unlikely to be so. When a woman is having painful sex because she is being penetrated when she is not ready, it will make her want sex less. A decline in sexual intimacy in a relationship is one of the most common reasons for breakup and unfaithfulness.

Sex, for women is not just physical, but also a mental and emotional experience.  If she has good sex with you, she is very likely to connect with you on an emotional level as well. If you discard her pleasure and interest, it will negatively impact her feelings towards you in other areas of your relationship too. Sex is not selfish, so you shouldn’t be.

She will orgasm

Being wet is one important sex on the way to orgasm. There is no way a woman who is not aroused will reach climax. It will be such an uncomfortable experience that all she is thinking about is for you to be done with it so the ordeal will be over. She is not relaxed enough to let go and her body is not in the right place to ignite an orgasm