“Return my property within days”, Bad Black warns Kale Kayihura


“General kayihura sir, with much respect from Bad Black, i kindly request you to tell your Police station of Kireka to return back my cars which they sold off. I have served my sentence which was passed by the judge of anti corruption court in 2012 and in my judgment there were know any orders to give out my properties to any body.

I served my 4years prison sentence, am giving you two days before i hold a peaceful demonstration in town. I also need the court of appeal to refund my 100 million as soon as possible cause i was granted bail because of my medical condition at that time, first of all it was cancelled in one week !! Did government use 100million to bring me back by car ? Please its time i get justice, am a Ugandan and am not afraid”, a furious Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black posted on her Facebook account.

Disclaimer: This was bad Black’s actual post, all we did was to edit a bit without changing the meaning or topic.