RIP: One year has now past, What really killed AK47 ?


By staff writer

Tomorrow will mark one year ever since singer AK47 (RIP) was laid to rest in his ancestral home in Mityana after his tragic death . A lot of controversial stories surrounding his death as mysterious stories also came up. The late Emmaunel Mayanja died a painful death as many sources link Jeff Kiwa to the young star’s death,Even upto the deceased’s brother and singer Pallaso still thinks his former Manger Jeff Kiwa knows what really killed AK 47 or he has a hand in his tragic death. Some sources revealed that AK 47 was beaten up by DEJAVU’s bouncer who later dropped him at the bar’s toilet after citing he was in a bad health condition.Other sources revealed that AK 47 had come to premiere his new song ‘Ndi Mulokole’,something Jeff Kiwa didn’t what to happen as he told him to wait,but the younger star insisted leaving Jeff Kiwa with no option but tell a bouncer to calm him down with a beating,while he headed to clean himself at the loos after the fight,the bouncer is allegedly to have followed his there and beat him,where he hit his head on the toilet tiles (a cracked skull indicated so).

A Bouncer who might have been able to tell the public about AK 47’s death disappeared mysteriously after a hunt out where pictures where spread out on Facebook with a cash reward about anyone with whereabouts. Even upto now,Police has never come out to clearly issue out a statement about the ‘Nid Mulokle’ singer’s death. According to the postmortem report released on March 17 by police pathologist Dr Moses Byaruhanga, the cause of death was head trauma.

The sight of Akay’s five-month-old twins touching their father’s coffin moved many to tears. At 4:45pm, AK47’s casket was lowered into his grave as emotions that had gripped the family and fans the entire week reached a peak. Mourners wailed and held one another for strength in the face of the loss. A tearful Pallaso vowed not to rest until he finds out what really led to his brother’s death. There are conflicting reports that the singer was possibly fatally beaten at the bar owned by his Team No Sleep manager, Jeff Kiwanuka.The dancehall singer, born in 1990, is survived by three children, a girlfriend, his parents and seven siblings. President Museveni sent the family Shs 10m towards the completion of AK47’s house in Seguku

What really Killed AK 47 ?? Will Jeff Kiwa ever come out to talk about AK 47’s death ?? Why did the Police re-open De Javu (Crime Scene) even before investigations were done ?? Will the bouncer ever re appear to answer and clarify about AK 47’s death?. Those are the questions Late AK 47’s family and friends ask them selves as they cry foul after losing a brother and friend under unclear circumstances.