Ripped Jeans Party Brain Child Ashburg Speaks Out


By lubz Kenny

Qn Who is Ashburg Katto?
Ashburg Katto is a simple boy with a simple profile. Ashraf Katto Kisekka is my real name, am a 26year old man from Masaka Ssenyange.

Qn Are you married?
No, I’m not married

Qn How long have you been a blogger?
I started doing this blogging thing in August 2013 and I started from my YouTube channel by talking and sensitizing about different issues around the entertainment industry. From there I decided to do the same thing via my facebook wall and here we are.

Qn what are the negatives of being one (blogger)?
You get a lot of enemies and haters. You get a lot of curses from many people which can lead to bad omen

Qn Heard you was arrested recently over some nudes, are you going to quit blogging over it?

It’s true I was arrested and later released after we had, had negotiations and the case was closed. I’m not quitting what I do best, this is what i do, and I can’t quit blogging brother.

Qn Why the ripped jeans party?
I was fade up of colour themed parties (white party, purple party, red avenue, black party, black & gold party and many others) so I was like why can’t we have something which doesn’t discriminate any colour? After a long period of thinking, I found out that ripped jeans are trending like nothing else in the fashion industry so I got the Ripped Jeans Party which doesn’t base on any colour but strictly ripped jeans only.

Qn Why the change in venues?
My first venue was Club Guvnor and everything was ok until when my Ex lover released my nude picture and Guvnor called off my party claiming that they don’t work with someone whose nude pictures have leaked on social media.

Qn what should we expect at the party?
Expect a full house, expect performance from Uganda’s finest, expect fun and total madness.. All Kampala’s party animals will be in the building.

Qn Any last words to your fans?
All I can tell my fans is that, always do what u do best, keep doing your thing & tell your team about it. I promise you will win. Peace and love