Robin Kisti opens up on whether she will be coming back on T.V


By Waiswa Brian

Many people have been asking whether popular TV presenter Robin Kisti will be making a come back on Television after had a baby recently and oh yes, she has an answer.

Through her social media videos shared on her Facebook fan page, Kisti cleared the air and said that yes she will be making a comeback on TV soon but currently its all about the baby

” You guys see that i just had a baby and she’s not yet even 3 months yet. I know you guys are hungry for me but am around just trying to keep it rocking right now. Its all about the about right now and you know those of you who are mothers or parents that sometimes you have to make decisions and its all about the kids and whats best for them.

Sometimes you decide to back to school am am going back to school because i don’t want to just look good in front of the camera but also behind like i want to know more about production but that doesn’t mean that am not gonna be doing shows, am going to be shows..” – She said in an interactive video