Rostrum Records Files ‘Lawsuit’ Against Wiz Khalifa


Rostrum Records, and its founder Benjy Grinberg, have filed a lawsuit against rapper Wiz Khalifa, real names Cameron Jabril Thomaz. Their complaint was filed on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

In the files obtained by Rolling Stone, the new lawsuit claims that via the contract the parties entered into, Rostrum and Grinberg are entitled to receive 15 percent of all royalties earned and received by Khalifa as well as 15 percent of his tour proceeds and 20 percent of the rapper’s merchandise sales. “Rostrum is informed and believes, and on that basis alleges, that the Publishing Royalties, Tour Royalties and Merchandise Royalties that Thomaz currently owes Rostrum, but has failed to pay in breach of the Operative Agreement, exceed $2 million.”

The rapper’s lawsuit seeks to terminate the 360 deal he signed in mid-2005, when he was 16-years-old, and $1 million plus punitive damages and legal fees. Khalifah’s suit alleges that Grinberg steered the ‘Black and yellow’ rapper toward business opportunities that were more advantageous to Rostrum and Grinberg, who was Khalifa’s personal manager until March 2014.