Saint Andrew finally speaks about the ‘Go maama’ song


St Andrew Go mama song writer finally speaks out on what motivated him to write the song Aroma St Andrew a song writer and producer at same time, his name came to surpass to many after he wrote the “ntuyo zange” song for Bebe cool. He has finally come out to explain the dynamics plus the ups and downs involved in the Go mama making not forgetting what inspired his writings and this is what he had to say 2yrs back we were frequenting studios alongside Mr.Ssali aka Bebe cool trying’ lay strategies for a big reggae album that would in our own perspective draw a positive message on how “WE”(Africa) could help the African child,The African Mother & in that case the African Father by encouraging him to go make some bread that he would put on the table for his family as starvation is one of the causes of severe deaths in Africa today & other parts of the world like India. Of course we blended in several love songs to give you the listener a soothing torch of it(the album) & you can name them by now. I myself, Benon mugumbya, Michael fingers, A pass ,Nessim ,Daniel Lwanga, Mitchell Njoroge ,Tickie tah Vad vibes Bebe cool & many more this was great team work & for that case our hard work will move our works around the world. Back to the matter,I would like to congratulate Mr.Ssali Bebe cool upon winning us the reggae African artist of the year in African Entertainment awards.#GO_MAMA 2015 still achieving.