Salvador Idringi to represent Uganda at the comedy festival in Johannesburg


     By Nsiiro Jacob

   Ugandan comedian commonly referred to as Mr ombokolo is set for another international comedy festival in Johannesburg. Patrick looked excited when delivering his message because is to share the stage with people who have inspired his comedy career let’s not for get that idringi is a qualified Engineer but he decided to work in a field where his passion is. The festival is set to take place over three days from 6-8 November 2015. Billed to be a multi venue, multi show comedy showcase, the festival will feature local, continental and international talent performing at the Alexander Theater, Orbit Jazz Cafe, Thirteen and the Bannister Hotel in Bloemfontein as well as The Market Theater and Bass line in the Newton precinct. 42 comedians are scheduled to take part in what is considered to be one of the biggest gatherings of comedy talent ever assembled on the continent! Patrick never forgot to tag the Ugandan comedy industry critics that’s Emmanuel ssejengo and the Kampala sun who once predicted the comedy industry in Uganda is and will never work out internationally, here is Idringi’s message “Sometimes I just think back at the things God has blessed me with and I just go blank. .. the questions that run in my head are endless, but what I know for sure is these blessings are not misplaced because I use them well. Come Dec I’m going to be part of an amazing lineup of international comedians to showcase what we’ve got on the first ever Comedy Central International comedy festival in Johannesburg … the Gentlemen below have inspired me and I’m looking forward to creating stronger relationships with them. I thank God and I’m forever grateful. .. UG comedy to the world… representing not only UG but East Africa the feeling is amazing Emmanuel Ssejjengo and the Kampala Sun Chaps wouldn’t understand”