Sasha Vbzy’s Videography and Filming school Opening soon


By Nsiiro Jacob

Sasha Vybz Real name, Ian Akankwasa is a video director, film maker and CEO/Director at Savy Films. Sasha is a name he got in high school, it was about a character in a movie he used to enjoy but he does not know how he came up with or an explanation for Vybz though. He publicly revealed that is to open up a school “SAVYFILMZ Film School opening Soon for those who would like to study Editing, Directing, camera work, producing, audio production and many more. “Management will be sharing details very soon”,he said.

He studied from South Africa at City Varsity College (best production school in Africa). Where he spent three years studying film and TV production, majoring in Directing of Photography (DOP). So that’s basically his profession. The idea of setting up a school is one of the best ideas that can nature talent and work on some improvements the were highlighting out the weaknesses in the video production section.