Security guru ‘Dixon Okello’ talks about the Kifesi gang

Dixon Okello-Uganda

By staff writer

The well respected and bitter Events Security guru, Dixon Okello had this to say about the city robbers known as the kifesi gang at music events in the city;

“Last Sunday,I took the day off and decided to attend a music / comedy concert at Namboole Stadium organised by Abitex,a promoter well known for not keeping his side of the deal.

Right from the gates (access control) to back stage,one could easily see disorganisation of the highest order.Different guys, who claimed to have lent Abitex money, took control and hired hooligans to manage the gates.

Most artistes ,comedians and security personnel kept looking for the organiser for their pay.The Mc’s ,made matters worse by favouring some artistes and blocking others from getting on stage.The kifesi gang, took advantage of the disorganisation,to openly rob revellers in broad day light..

Event promoters, must always meet and plan with security personnel about the nature,numbers and service providers expected, to enable them plan appropriately.

Balaam Barugahara, Joseph Masembe of my kid is a super star, the organisers of the blankets and wines,Buzz events ,Bobkins , Silk events and Alibhai ,have managed to keep revellers safe because of proper planing.

The police must also deploy on all access roads leading to the venue.They some times, withdraw or cut down the number of officers before the event ends.

I personally think some promoters, must be black listed and known leaders of the kifesi gang, arrested or simply put out of action”