Security Personnel beats Monitor’s scribe to near death


By Our reporter

Daily Monitor’s Darius Mugisha woke normally this rainy morning as part of his daily routine to go and hustle. Not knowing what he will meet to his way to work,Darius narrates how he escaped the jaws of death by a drunkard security personnel as quoted ;

 The driver of this sorry thing of a car just slapped me and drew a gun at me simply because he had blocked a road in Kiwatule! He posed as the OC! I have never felt so undermined, hurt, disappointed by a security personnel! He looked weaker than me, but I didn’t fight back! He also rushed and got ‘enkoni’ from his car and slashed me a couple of times. Meanwhile he had a half bottle of red label in his car!
If you know him, kindly avail me with his details, this is not the peace this regime brought. I have opened up a case at Kiwatule police post and I am willing to go all the way to get justice! I can’t be someone’s punching bag, besides I don’t think a trained personnel should behave like this! And I don’t think the Cherokee car he was carrying is exclusive to him!

Darius Mugisha works as an Entertainment writer in Daily Monitor and also a contributor in its Friday Magazine Squoop.

 Meanwhile, see pics of the assaulter and help identify him or contact the nearby Police when you see this car car car2

Quick recovery fellow journalist,hope justice prevails.